July 18, 2015

Talking Mr Colin out of buying a Real Estate Company in Christchurch, New Zealand

I had purchased a house through a real estate company and over the time, I grew to like the broker very much. He was thinking about purchasing another real estate company in Christchurch and told me a little bit about it.
He didn’t ask me to, but for some reason I came up with the fact that it wasn’t a good deal.
He told me that this company had 8 salesman and sold over $5-6 million in property last year. I could sense, when I looked at the company that he wanted to buy, that only two of the salesmen actually sold anything.
He had been given a lot of figures that didn’t seem right to me. I told him that he was being given wrong information and that he needed to ask them to see their tax records.
As it turns out, the people were keeping two sets of books! They were not nearly as successful as they had told him and he didn’t buy the company.
He ended up going to another part of New Zealand and bought another company. His business is doing very well.

August 21, 2015

Animal Supplies in Ashburton

In Ashburton, New Zealand there was a feed store that served almost everybody in the area. One time, there were two different people that were having trouble with their horses eating the feed that they had purchased there.
I found out from talking to the horses and dowsing the feed that it the feed was on the verge of being rancid.
I went to the store and told the owner that I suspected that he was selling feed that wasn’t good. He became concerned and opened a bag of food that was fresh and compared the smell to a bag that we suspected was bad and he could actually smell the difference between the good and the bad feed. (Feed doesn’t have a long shelf life, particularly in the summertime.)
So, the owner of the store called the manufacturer of the feed and had them pick it up and replace it with fresh feed. He, then, hired me to go over the rest of the feed in the store to see if there was anymore that wasn’t good.
Every year when I went to New Zealand, he had me come into his store and dowse all of the feed for freshness. If we discovered that it wasn’t fresh, he would call the manufacturer and have them come to replace it.
After the store owner hired me to do this, his sales increased by over 20 percent. Word got around that this was the best store to purchase food because the owner was doing everything that he could to be sure that the feed was fresh.


June 30, 1999

Meeting Bill Northern

To Whom It May Concern:

Meeting Bill Northern was quite an experience for my husband and I. We were not only skeptical, but a little unsure of what he would say or if he would be able to help us. We train and racehorses and we needed a lot of help with some of our horses. It is quite entertaining to hear what your own horses have to say about you, your training methods, the way they are treated, whether they are happy or not and many other things. You may not want to hear everything that he has to say because all horse trainers realize that all of the horses that they have are not going to make good racehorses. You don’t always want to hear that, however, it is a fact of life.

Our first meeting with Bill Northern was an experience to remember. There were 10 horses that he was going to talk with that day. We were quite stunned when the second horse that he talked to told him that she did not like her hay. She is a picky eater and is very hard to please. She also constantly kicked the wall and over a period of weeks he talked to her about this. She finally almost stopped doing this and when she did kick the wall, I would tell her that Bill did not want her to do this and she would stop again for a week or two. The fourth horse that he talked to told him that she did not get enough attention. I said, “she gets carrots every day!”. The horse said, “I get plenty of treats but not enough attention.” Bill also told us that she had bladder problems, which was true.

The first, third and fifth horses that he talked to, basically did not have any problems but he advised us to cull these three because they had low heart scores. This means that they have very little desire to race. By this time, we were amazed because we have discovered this about these three horses and have been trying to decide whether to continue with them or not.

The sixth horse that he talked to was a nervous problem horse. I had been wondering if plugging her ears would help her. Bill asked her and she told him, “tell her to plug her ears, it won’t help me.” We all got a good laugh out of that.

The other four horses that were talked to that day had high heart scores and only minor problems. As Bill told us after talking with them, they have made pretty good racehorses.

One of them told Bill to tell my husband that he was not pleased with the way that he was driven in the race the previous week. We laughed and asked him how he wanted to be driven. He told Bill and that week he won. Bill also asked him if he was spoiled…by 2 people…one more than the other. Everyone knows that my husband spoils the horse terribly.

In the year that we have known Bill Northern he has talked to our horses many times and has given us a lot of good advice. He can talk with them in person or from a distance. We continue to be pleased with our dealings with him and will seek his help in the future.

D.S and L.S.

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