Letters to Bill

If you wish to make a comment about our website or what we do please email and we will place it on this special guest comment page. Thank you for taking the time to visit us online. Cheers, Bill Northern

Bill was able to help Valiente and myself, immensely. We had been taking dressage lessons for some time now, but Valiente kept resisting to the left side. That is when someone suggested contacting Bill to see if he could maybe help us out. Since Valiente had come off the track and had jumped from owner to owner for several years, maybe there was something he needed to communicate about his past. He let Bill know that he just wanted to enjoy his time with me and was not happy doing Dressage. He was a bit sore and would always be a bit sore because of the complicated past he had endured. Bill also pinpointed that I might be sitting a bit too much to the right, I corrected this and I felt an immediate change, he loosened up his back and lengthened his stride. I decided after gaining all this knowledge to give him a few weeks of rest and massage while we figure out which direction to go. It will definitively involve a more relaxed approach and some fun jumps (Valiente mentioned he also enjoyed this).
I feel happy with the decision and realize I might have been doing all that training to please other people and not putting him and myself first. Never again will I make this mistake. I made a promise to him, that I would be his last home and I will always take care of him. Thank you Bill for reminding me what really matters and to listen with my heart.
Forever grateful,
Karla & Valiente.

Bill, I have been remiss in thanking you again for helping me find my new horse. You doused him in TN under the name Gold Chip Shiloh. I got him home here in VA in January and have renamed him Spock after the Star Trek character who was so smart and calm. Spock is very smart and calm for a 6 yr old, very docile and cooperative. I've had a little trouble with his feet, just taking his 4 shoes off right away and trying to get his hooves strong enough to go barefoot on the trails. I was busy with 2 different litters of puppies, one born on Christmas Day and one born in May, so I didn't do much with either horse for the last 6 months, but I have a free spell here now and have started working with both Kenai and Spock finally.
You had told me that you didn't think Spock would like the arena work, and that he would not like the Parelli. He must be very cooperative because he is doing very well with my fumbling around with the Parelli. I have not done much trail riding with him because of his feet but the few times I have had him out he was wonderful. The only thing that seems to spook him is traffic, which I hope I can work on eventually. And he is plenty smooth for me when he gaits.
Anyway, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate how you helped me screen out the unsuitable horses during my search and how it looks like you really gave an accurate description of Spock. He and Kenai seem to be good friends, grooming each other and playing with each other, and that pleases me too. If anything, Spock is occasionally the dominant one.
I hope you are well and happy.
Pam H

Well, what an adventure we have all been on since our talk.
By the way the cow let the loading superintendent give it water all day long. She was just fine with her new owner on Kauai when she arrived----but really didn't like the lady that tried to help him unload her. I warned him not to allow any women around her. He called to thank me for the info and kept the lady away when he realized I was not kidding about the cow not liking women. She tried to knock the lady off the box stall, like she did me. He had no problem when he unloaded her by himself.
Analia had the chiropractor work on their three horses and he said that Britches was really bad in all the places you mentioned. He had some helpful things for Analia to do to keep Britches going better and it has really helped her. Analia has decided to give her some time off in pasture when a space becomes available as she has not had any time off since she was trained. It won't be a forever thing just a couple of months and then she says she is considering changing her focus to other horse adventures and not doing rodeo things with her for awhile.
Now I have to give you the BEST NEWS of all, Prince is sounder than he has been forever. Doug took off a little overgrowth on his sole that must have been what you saw as gravel in your shoe. He was better immediately, It took a few days for Doug to really get his hooves filed just right. I put a saddle on him yesterday and rode him in our indoor arena with the sand and rubber footing. He was so great, I cried HAPPY TEARS ! ! ! ! ! ! !
His little person, Mei Lan, Dougs daughter rode him too, I think Prince was smiling.
He rubbed his head and nudged us so hard I almost fell over, I want to think this was his way of saying Thanks for finally getting it right and fixing the right thing.
Once again, Thank you hardly covers the appreciation we have for your help.
So May the Angels keep watch over you and May all the Blessings we can send keep you Happy and Healthy.
Me Ke Aloha Pumehana,
Doug and Mei Lan
and the Spirit of Mister Always

I would be so very happy to share all of our stories with everyone.
I was at the pier twice yesterday and Artie and I had long talks about you and our experiences with our animals and you.
Artie was thrilled with the news about her dog. She said it is the first time she has gone to work with the weight of the world off her shoulders and could actually function properly to do her job. She was on her way home to walk her "pup" on lunch break talk about dedicated to Maka's well being ! ! !
Artie is the operations superintendent at Young Brothers Pier. She has always been so very helpful with all the horses shipping inter island. I get calls from her all the time about horses that she thinks need help and take bags of hay cubes so she can give horses food if no one shows up to take care of them. She also makes sure the water buckets get topped off before they get loaded on the barge. You came up in our conversation last week when she asked where Mister was, I had opened my door and she noticed he wasn't there. I explained what had happened and she got tears in her eyes and then started telling me how she thought she was going to loose her dog and wanted to do the right thing for Maka.
That is why I signed my last communication with the Spirit of Mister, as he will always be with me in some way. Be it a fun memory or a little nudge to tell his story to help others. Everyone was asking when I was going to get another dog think it will be awhile but do know that there will never be another quit like Kinnabe Mister Cool.
So a BIG YES to tell all our stories
The Spirit of Mister
Artie and Maka

Things seem to have settled out here between cat and dog. There are moments when kitty gets his own idea of how to speak to the Liam, but overall his attitude has been drastically adjusted. I have put Liam on a supplement and yogurt. I think there have been some improvements in his overall health and well being. Time will be the true determining factor. Trish

Last year you helped me greatly with my horse who didn't want to travel in my float. I'll be forever grateful for the way everything turned out. He now travels beautifully and relaxed, is never a problem to load so I'm one happy horse owner. You might remember the big grey, called Monty.

Mr. Northern,
As I spoke to you last evening, I had taken Charity down to the Arena to let her walk around and do her own thing which she did the entire time I spoke with you. A friend had come into the arena while I was on the phone with you, once off the phone I had explained to him, who you were and what you had said, and where she said the ailments were. He looked at me like I was a bit crazy for calling you.
Just as I told him about her vertebra's being out and that I could possibly fix it myself with a tail pull.......Charity walked to the center with us, walked right past me and stopped with her hindquarters facing me. I asked her if she wanted a tail pull right now? She backed up and squared up for the tug. I pulled.....my friend was in shock and a little mystified. I gave her a rub too. She had a choice of being there in the center or walking off......and she stayed in the center.
I explained to him that you had helped me in the past, as well as many of my friends horses in Maui. She is very tender to the left of her tail and I rubbed her down as much as I could in the spots you pointed out. Her left hoof is her Club Foot, and there is something going on with it.......I will be tracking down a farrier who knows about Balancing. I thought I felt the heat you spoke of.......As for her teeth, It was dark so I had a hard time seeing anything.........I will try to get to the barn this earlier this evening........and contact someone to come check her out.
She actually pinned her ears at me when I rolled her right shoulder, that was a very very sore spot, but she stayed and allowed me to rub it a bit more, I will continue to work these areas for her.
My friend will be helping me find a more suitable stabling arrangement for her........with the turn out option, which I know she would benefit from. It may not be this month but I told Charity I would look more aggressively for a place she might like better.
Thank you so much Mr. Northern, I appreciate your help, I will keep you posted on her progress, as best I can. She tolerates so much from me, I really want her to be happy and feel the best she can, I love this horse so very much, she is my happy thought.
Thank you, Thank You, Thank you, :)

By the way you helped me with my horses last year as I had a boy that was mistreated as a youngster and I am pleased to say you helped a great deal- Gizmo was always worried about the bridle and sometimes I couldn't catch him. After you spoke to him I couldn't NOT catch him as he would come and see me if I went near the paddock and he would sulk if I just caught his paddock mate. I was never fully able to put the bridle over his ears but I was able to take it of over his ears. Also he decided he loved me to scratch his ears and it was actually quite nice. I have now re homed him and he has settled better than I thought he would and his attitude hasn't changed also he is so much happier my impression was that after you spoke to him he felt understood which helped him grow so thank you and I hope you can help again.
Thank You

Mr. Northern, You gave a reading on Jack a couple of weeks ago by phone. He is the red and white dog that had had a seizure and I wanted to see if we could find a reason for it. Well, during your reading you said he was basically fine and healthy but when you got to his mouth you said he was sore on the right side, back by the hinge of the jaw. The left side was fine.
About two weeks later we noticed a lump in that spot. We took him to the vet and he has had surgery and a biopsy of the tumor and it is malignant melanoma.
Perhaps the seizures (he has had one more) are due to another tumor up there even though you said you saw nothing or perhaps toxins released by the tumor in the mouth. Anyway, after much thought and discussion we have decided not to treat the cancer but to make his life as comfortable as possible in the time he has left. He is 11 1/2 and we feel we would be fighting a losing battle at this age.
In your experience do animals anticipate their death? Can he understand us as we discuss him? Can he "see" our thoughts? Are we upsetting him by this discussion?
Do the other dogs know anything? Do they communicate this sort of thing with each other? These are just basic questions everyone has, I guess. Anyway, you were "spot on" with that reading.
Maureen in Manassas , Va

Hello Again, Just a note to let you know that my cell phone was found. In my truck ! just like you said. When you told me that it was covered up . I went back and tore that truck apart. I still could not find it. My friend Steve borrowed my truck the next day...and called me and told me he had it. It was covered up by the dash..just like you said. It was where I used to put my lose change. I just couldn't believe it! Thank You Very Much.
God Love Joni