Bill Northern

Bill Northern (International Master Dowser) Animal Communicator & Dowser works with mostly horses and dogs but is generally able to listen to all animals.
Bill learned to communicate through dowsing. He learned that you can use the same senses to listen to plants and animals that you use to locate underground water.

Lady Bug on a Leaf
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Lady Bug on a Leaf
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New Comment from a client

Bill was able to help Valiente and myself, immensely. We had been taking dressage lessons for some time now, but Valiente kept resisting to the left side. That is when someone suggested contacting Bill to see if he could maybe help us out. Since Valiente had come off the track and had jumped from owner to owner for several years, maybe there was something he needed to communicate about his past. He let Bill know that he just wanted to enjoy his time with me and was not happy doing Dressage. He was a bit sore and would always be a bit sore because of the complicated past he had endured. Bill also pinpointed that I might be sitting a bit too much to the right, I corrected this and I felt an immediate change, he loosened up his back and lengthened his stride. I decided after gaining all this knowledge to give him a few weeks of rest and massage while we figure out which direction to go. It will definitively involve a more relaxed approach and some fun jumps (Valiente mentioned he also enjoyed this).
I feel happy with the decision and realize I might have been doing all that training to please other people and not putting him and myself first. Never again will I make this mistake. I made a promise to him, that I would be his last home and I will always take care of him. Thank you Bill for reminding me what really matters and to listen with my heart.
Forever grateful,

Karla & Valiente.

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