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Lost Animals

"Bill is finding it more draining to look for lost animals and now is only working with regular clients. Thank you for your understanding."

We are able to locate most animals when we are notified within 24 hours after they have gone missing. Looking for lost animals is a very draining exercise. This is probably why not many people like to do it. This is much like the hunting dog relying on the scent of the animal or bird or human it is looking for. It seems the trail dries up more and more with the passing of time. Because most people have no idea of how difficult it is to do this accurately, we are now setting some ground rules.

1. Send us a photo of your four legged friend. We can normally tell from a photo if the animal is still alive and wants to be found. There is no charge for this service.

2. If we believe the animal is still alive and wants to be found we will notify you and you can decide if you want us to have a look for you.

3. Sometimes we believe the animal is still alive but does not want to be found. In this situation you must realize that even if we locate the animal, it may hide from you. Cats that leave home do not usually want to be found. Please don't be alarmed if your lost cat does not want to be found. Cats can survive very well on their own. Most dogs that have been kept inside or in a pen and go missing want to be found. Dogs that have been chained are often so happy to have their freedom that they do not even think of returning to the same home.

4. There is a lot more to having a dog as a pet than giving it food and water. Dogs need regular exercise and some real quality time with their human friend. If you are unable to provide this, you probably should not have a dog.

5. It is imperative that your friend wears a collar with a name tag, listing your name, address and phone number. People will shy away from a pet with no collar and will have no way of knowing it is your friend and would like to be returned to you.

6. Should you decide to enlist us to be of help in locating your friend please be aware that there can be no guarantee of success. We will do our best for you and that is all we can do.

7. Our fee to look for a lost animal is $80.00 for the first 15 minutes and $5.00 per additional minute. EVERY SUBSEQUENT PHONE CALL or E-mail IS CHARGED $5.00 PER MINUTE WITH A MINIMUM OF $35.00 PER CALL.

8. We will need your name and address and the name and address of your friend, if different from yours. It will save us some time it you send us a link to a map of the area where you live and if the animal left from another location, a map of the area the animal left from.

9. We use a map to locate the current location of your friend. You must be aware that the animal is likely moving so you must act quickly in order to reach the area before your friend moves on.

10. Sometimes we are able to look through the animals eyes to see what they are looking at. This can often aid in locating the animal.

11. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT JUST LIKE YOUR ACCOUNTANT OR LAWYER EVERY TIME YOU CONTACT US YOU WILL INCUR A CHARGE. We are not able to do this on demand, meditation is required, so please be patient with us.

12. The only exception to the above charges other than the initial fee is if you are offering a reward of $1,000.00 or more for the return of the animal and agree IN WRITING to pay us one half of the reward if we are within one mile of where the animal is found. In this instance only the initial fee will apply.

Bill Northern May 2008